Providing face to face therapy across Kent and telephone or video therapy internationally

Welcome to Your Therapy.

This service has been set up with You in mind, whoever you might be right now, used to be, or would like to be.

Your Therapy Service is founded on relational principles, meaning the focus is on the relationship between you and me, using this as a platform for growth. That might sound ‘airy fairy’ or however you’d like to call it but, I honestly believe – and research has shown – that growth and acceptance comes from relationships, with the therapeutic relationship being a powerful tool to enable that.

Life isn’t as simple as finding 50 minutes at the same time each week to meet your therapist, and often when people seek therapy it’s because life feels chaotic. While I’m here to help you find your rhythm, the service is also adaptable to your needs, whether that be regularly weekly sessions or ad hoc. It’s your therapy after all…